International Journal of Humanities and Arts

Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part A (2022)

Tyranny of the majority: Problem to Nigerian democracy


Obonyano Dickson B, Joannes Asikaogu, Uche Ikechukwu Cletus


Tyranny of the majority is one of the most pressing issues of today’s democracy and Nigeria especially. It arises when the dominance of a group in a democratic government’s impedes the benefits of the minority ones; or a system where there are no checks on the majority’s ability to dominate the minority. In context, democracy is a system of government made of popular rule, especially in promoting fundamental human rights, freedom, and common good. In fact, the revere is the case in Nigeria. Citizens in most time have demonstrated publicly in demand for their trampled right. Democracy is no longer the government of the people but for the elected, corrupt polithiefcians, and the rich majority which sole aim is to oppress the poor minority. This consequently pose a great problem to growth of democracy and democratic practice in Nigeria and a threat to the freedom and human dignity of the minority members of the society. However, the focus of this paper is to note how tyranny of majority has bedevilled our contemporary democracy; because the opinions of political minorities have been silenced and disregarded in the society. It also indicates what means could be used to control the tyranny of the majority and strengthen democracy in our society.

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Obonyano Dickson B, Joannes Asikaogu, Uche Ikechukwu Cletus. Tyranny of the majority: Problem to Nigerian democracy. Int. J. Humanit. Arts 2022;4(1):39-44. DOI: 10.33545/26647699.2022.v4.i1a.33